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Siliconware USA, Inc. is a fast growing IC Assembly and Test subcontractor representative. We are seeking professional candidates with global perspective on the semiconductor industry to join our organization in San Jose CA, Tempe AZ, Lewisville TX, and Huntington Beach CA.
Position Title: Materials Scientist
‧ Duty: Participate in researching and developing IC packaging materials. This include applying the theory and knowledge related to advance theory of sold state to analyze key chemical and physical properties in a range of IC packaging materials including Au/Cu/CuPd/Ag Wire Bond , solder bump, copper pillar bump, epoxy die attach, conductive film, Under Bump Metallurgy, redistribution layer, epoxy mold compound and underfill. Conduct materials selection and analytical tests and generate technical reports.
‧ By applying the theory and knowledge related to material experimental method to develop new materials characterization methodology with appropriate metrological instrument to support advanced material development and improve device fabrication goals in front end (bumping) and back end (assembly) processes in order to meet customer’s requirement and advance wafer tech notes.
‧ Conduct benchmark studies of various IC packaging materials and provide technical comparisons and critical assessment of their potential based on substantial knowledge of material principles and theories, such as thermal expansion mismatch/ electromigration/ intermetallic compound interface/ thermal-set epoxy.
‧ Study the heterogeneous structure between metallic components and organic composition in various IC package technologies including but not limited 2.5/3D stacked-die/flip chip lamination /wirebond leadframe/ wafer level package to identify high thermal performance combination and high mechanical stress regions by coworking with thermal/mechanical modeling team prior to customer’s design freeze.
‧ Contribute IC packaging development with internal engineering team (assembly/ reliability/ testing/ failure analysis) from concept to production. This would involve through the product feasibility design, look-ahead engineering for high volume manufacturability, successful new product introduction and qualification and root cause identification.
Requirement: Master Degree in Chemistry, Materials Science or Materials Engineering majors (or foreign equivalent) with coursework in advance theory of solid state and material experimental method.
Work Site: This is a 40 hours/week full time opening at Siliconware USA, Inc. at 1735 Technology Drive, Suite 300, San Jose, CA 95110.
Contact: Please mail resume to HR Manager of Siliconware USA, Inc. at 1735 Technology Drive, Suite 300, San Jose, CA 95110.
Fax: 408-573-5530, Email : hr@spilca.com
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