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Training & Development
SPIL offers a complete training and development system for employees to learn various subjects at work in order to further self-development and promote the work efficiency.
Comprehensive Talents Nurturing System
There is suitable training available for everyone no matter what their positions, whether in management or a different area of expertise, and which provides different levels of training for different targets:
‧ New Employee Training: Implement training and mentoring programs for new employees, establish a system of standardized education and training, to help new employees adapt to SPIL’s large family in the shortest possible time.
‧ Professional Training: Based on the special abilities needed in every position, develop a special skills training and abilities evaluation program, to help employees maintain and develop their qualifications so that they can do their work better.
‧ Management Training: Based on different management functions, devise and plan a management program to train talent needed in the organization, including:
    1) Training for newly appointed/reserve supervisors.
    2) Training for newly appointed/reserve supervisor, shift leaders.
Diverse Education and Training System
Which is set based on company’s goal, organization function and individual position requirements, and divided into different courses as follows:
‧ Core program: By consolidating each position’s capability, common core abilities are defined and classified into seven types of training: Technical, Quality, Management, Production, IT, ESH and Production Planning/ Industrial Engineering.
‧Selective program: Employees can choose their own training course based on individual position development needs.
‧Annual strategic program: In order to reach the company’s goals in each phase, training programs are planned accordingly.
Practical English Ability Improvement
Based on work requirements, foreign language channels are provided in order to enhance competitiveness (Ex. Presentation Skill, Email Writing, TOEIC Test Skill…etc.).
Creative Learning Environment
On-Line Learning
Aside from actual class training, there is also a diverse e-learning environment, breaking the time/space limitation, so that employees can learn whenever they need to, encouraging self-motivated learning and enhancing the competitive advantage of each SPIL employee.
Expertise, excellence & stability quality are very important for SPIL's competitive advantage. To maintain the competitiveness, the senior professional talented employees are encouraged to share their abundant experiences and pass on their expertise to the new talents at work, at the same time, to encourage employees to self-study that can lead to increased competitiveness of SPIL employees.
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