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BGA Family Overview
The electronics market constantly demands higher power dissipation, faster speeds and higher pin counts, along with smaller footprints and lower profiles. Siliconware Ball Grid Array packages are continuously being upgraded to meet these demands. Compared to lead-frame packages, the BGA offers superior electrical and thermal performance, higher interconnect density and excellent surface mount yields. The Siliconware BGA line-up includes cavity-up and cavity-down designs utilizing advanced substrate technologies.
What is a BGA Package?
The Ball Grid Array (BGA) is a package technology, which employs a solder ball grid array matrix to make electrical input and output connections to a circuit board.
Siliconware's BGA family includes cavity-up designs - PBGA, PI-PBGA, EDHS-BGA, PI-EDHS-BGA, LBGA, MCMBGA, TMBGA using BT substrate, and Flip Chip BGA which have excellent electrical performance.
Why use BGA Package?
Increasingly more design engineers around the world have discovered working with Siliconware is the sure way to resolve their increasing demands for higher performance BGA packaging. The BGA package offers better electrical and thermal performance with higher pin counts. The BGA package is the ideal solution for high-performance applications such as microprocessors / controllers, ASICs, DSPs, gate arrays, memory and chipsets. Siliconware's extensive experience, robust infrastructure and strong R&D team allow us to share the latest technology developments with you and still provide packages with reduced turnaround times at high volumes.
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