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Thin / Very-thin & Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array
Siliconware's Thin / Very Thin and Fine-pitch BGAs are cavity up, wire bonded, and overmolded on rigid substrate chip scale packages. They offer small scale and light weight as well as a cost saving solution. It is suitable for portable and handheld products and can be one of your best buys. TFBGA / VFBGA with a matrix format substrate and a common mold chase accommodates different package sizes to offer manufacturing flexibility and thus reducing time to market effectively.
Siliconware's TFBGA / VFBGA is suitable for systems that require a smaller package size than PBGA. Example areas include: memory, analog, Flash, ASICs, RF devices and simple PLDs - end uses where cost and space are crucial. Applications include telecomm, cellular, notebook, sub-notebook, PDAs and wireless systems.
•Low profile: TFBGA - 1.2 mm VFBGA - 1.0 mm
•Rigid Substrate
•Small form factor and light weight
•Flexible package size available utilizing sawing technology
•Eutectic 63/37 Sn/Pb solder ball, Pb-free solder optional 0.4 ~ 1.0 mm ball pitches available
• Full in-house design ability
•JEDEC standard outlines
•L/F BOM and H/F BOM available
Wafer Back Grinding (Option) Material
Normal Lead Free/Green
Wafer Back Grinding Grinding tape
Wafer Mount Blue tape
Wafer Saw & Clean
2nd Optical Inspection
Substrate Pre-bake
Die Attach & Epoxy Cure Siliver Epoxy
Plasma Clean  
Wire Bond Gold Wire: 4N Au & 2N Au,
Copper Wire :Pd-Cu, 4N Cu
3rd Optical Inspection
Plasma Clean
Molding Compound: Kyocera
Marking Laser
Post Mold Cure
Solder Ball Mount
Reflow & Flux Clean

Sn/Pb: 63-37; Sn/Ag/Cu:96.5/3/05, 95.5/4/05 & 98.5/1/05



Open / Short
Final Visual Inspection


• Moisture Sensitivity JEDEC Level 3 (30°C / 60% RH / 192 hours)
• Temp. Cycle Test -65/+150°C, 1000 cycles
• Highly-Accelerated Temp. and Humidity Stress Test (HAST) 130°C/85%RH, 96Hr
• High Temp. Storage No precondition 150°C 500/1000Hr
Note: Sample preconditioning prior to environmental tests are as follows:
Baking 125°C, 24 hours ◊ Pre-con: 30°C / 60% RH / 192 hours ◊ IR Reflow 3 times, (normal:240°C Lead Free : 260 °C)
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