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Quad Flat Pack
Siliconware's Quad Flat Pack provides medium high pin count solutions (<256) with 4-sided peripheral leads. A minimum pitch of 0.4 mm makes high design feasible. QFP’s come in a variety of package sizes ranging from 14 x 20 mm to 32 x 32 mm and pin counts from 100 to 256 are ready for your choice.
Siliconware's QFP product line is suited to meet the most demanding applications such as controllers, micro-processors, ASIC, DSP, gate arrays (FPGA / PLD), SRAMs, PC Chipsets and other technologies.
• 14x20 mm to 32x32 mm body sizes
• 100 to 256 lead counts
• Fine lead pitch down to 0.40 mm
• Stack die design
• Copper leadframe material
• Full in-house design ability
• JEDEC standard outline
Process Flow Standard Material
Normal Lead Free/Green
Wafer Back Grinding (Option)
Wafer Mount
Wafer Saw & Clean
2nd Optical Inspection
Die Attach
Epoxy Cure
Plasma Clean
Wire Bond Gold Wire
3rd Optical Inspection
Marking White ink or Laser
Post Mold Cure
Deflash & Trim
Solder Plating Sn/Pb 85/15 Matte Tin, Sn/Bi 98/2
Forming & Singulation
Final Visual Inspection
Packing Tray
• Moisture Sensitivity JEDEC Level 3 (30°C / 60% RH / 192 hours)
• Temp. Cycle Test -65/+150°C, 1000 cycles
• Pressure Cooker 121°C, 100% RH, 2 atm, 168 hours
• High Temperature Storage Life 150°C ,1000 hours
Note: Sample preconditioning prior to environmental tests are as follows:
(Normal) Baking 125°C, 24 hours ◊ Pre-con: 30°C / 60% RH / 192 hours ◊ IR Reflow 3 times, 225°C
(Lead Free) Baking 125°C, 24 hours ◊ Pre-con: 30°C / 60% RH / 192 hours ◊ IR Reflow 3 times, 250°C
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