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Exposed Pad TQFP
Exposed pad Low Profile Quad Flat Pack
High performance applications which require improved power dissipation benefit from the use of an exposed pad TQFP, respectively. Electrical performance is also improved with exposed pad as a ground plane.
Thermal performance is improved up to 25% when the die pad is soldered on PCB compared with conventional TQFPs and is suitable for 2 - 2.5 watts power application. Electrical performance is improved with exposed pad as a ground plane. The body size ranges from 10x10 mm to 20x20 mm and pin counts from 64 to 176 that are ready for your choice.
Exposed Pad TQFP are ideal for a wide range of devices such as microprocessors , controllers, DSPs, high speed logic, FPGAs, PLDs, and ASICs. Applications include laptops, telecom, high end audio/video and CPU/GUI boards.
• Exposed Pad Heat Sink
• 7X7 and 20x20 mm body sizes
• 48 to 176 lead counts available
• Stack die design / Multiple chip module design
• Copper lead frames
• Full in-house design ability
• JEDEC standard outlines
Process Flow Material
Normal Lead Free/Green
Wafer Back Grinding (Option)
Wafer Mount
Wafer Saw & Clean
2nd Optical Inspection
Die Attach
Epoxy Cure
Plasma Clean
Wire Bond Gold Wire,Copper Wire
3rd Optical Inspection
Marking White ink or Laser
Post Mold Cure
Deflash (Option) laser deflash or chemical deflash
Deflash & Trim
Solder Plating Sn/Pb 85/15 Matte Tin, Sn/Bi 98/2
Forming & Singulation
Final Visual Inspection
Packing Tray
• Moisture Sensitivity JEDEC Level 3 (30°C / 60% RH / 192 hours)
• Temp. Cycle Test -65/+150°C, 1000 cycles
• Pressure Cooker 121°C, 100% RH, 2 atm, 168 hours
• High Temperature Storage Life 150°C ,1000 hours
Note: Sample preconditioning prior to environmental tests are as follows:
(Normal) Baking 125°C, 24 hours ◊ Pre-con: 30°C / 60% RH / 192 hours ◊ IR Reflow 3 times:240°C (Body Volume<350mm3), 225°C (Body Volume>350mm3)
(Lead Free) Baking 125°C, 24 hours ◊ Pre-con: 30°C / 60% RH / 192 hours ◊ IR Reflow 3 times, 260°C
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