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Dual Family Overview
Although Dual Leaded Package designs have been available in the market for years, it is still widely used where a low pin count and low costs are the market drivers. Siliconware's Dual Leaded Packages are JEDEC standard compliant packages that focus on low lead counts ranging from 20 to 86 leads. The package is based on two-sided lead frame technology utilizing either PTH (Plated through hole) or SMT (surface mount technology). In addition to PTH, there is "J" lead and "Gullwing" lead configurations available for varied SMT requirements.
What is a Dual Leaded Package?
The Dual package family includes Plastic Dual In-line Package (PDIP), Small Outline J-lead Package (SOJ), Small Outline Package (SOP), Shrink Small Outline Package (SSOP), Thin Small Outline Package type I (TSOP I), Small Outline Package type II (TSOP II), Lead On Chip-Thin Small Outline Package type II (LOC-TSOP II), Dual Die Thin Small Outline Package type I (DDTSOP I) and Very Thin Small Outline Package type I. (VSOP I). PDIP uses PTH board mounting technology. The SMT board mounting technology packages include SOJ and LOC-SOJ which use the "J" lead configuration while SOP, SSOP, TSOP I, TSOP II/ LOC-TSOP, DDTSOP I and VSOP I use the "Gullwing" lead configuration. SSOP is smaller body size and tighter lead pitch version of the SOP. The TSOP I lead configuration is different from TSOP II's conventional method of the leads being placed on the wide side of the package.
The TSOP I has its leads on the narrow sides of the package. The DDTSOP I is dual die structure of the TSOP I and the VSOP I has a thinner package body thickness and tighter lead pitch than the TSOP I.
A special group in the TSOP package family is packaged in Lead on Chip (LOC) configuration to cater to the growing demand for thinner, lighter and high reliability products.
Why use Dual Leaded Package?
When the package requirements call for low pin count products and low costs, the Dual Leaded Package is the best option. The Dual Leaded Package is a mature technology which offers outstanding reliability. This Package family is widely used in low pin count application, such as memory, SRAM, Flash, micro controllers, analog, wireless, logic, optoelectronics, etc., used in PC's, communications, consumer and automotive products. Siliconware's extensive experience, robust infrastructure and strong R&D team allow us to share the latest technology developments with you and, still provide packages with reduced turn around times at high volumes.
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