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What is a TCP/COF Package?
The TCP/COF is a package technology which employs a flexible printed circuit film (with sprocket holes for transportation that is similar to photographic films) bonded with gold bumps on chip to make the electrical input and output connections between the circuit board and the display panel for driver function.
TCP film is comprised of 3 layers: PI, adhesive and copper foil. It has a punched device hole in the chip area so that the cantilevered inner leads can absorb direct thermal conduction from the bonding tool during the gang bonding process to the gold bumps. Additionally, the TCP package utilizes a liquid adhesive compound to attach the hanging chip and protect the chip surface.
COF film is comprised of 2 layers: PI and copper foil. The gold bumped chip is bonded onto the inner leads of the printed circuit film using a flip chip process. As COF film is thinner than TCP film, it is capable of a finer circuit pitch and has greater flexibility. The COF package requires an underfill material to fill and fix the gap between the film and chip.
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