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Exposed Die Molding Technology
IC backside exposed die
Molding process is the key process of exposed die FCCSP and requires to be proceeded in specific film type molding equipment.
Assembly Process Flow
The major key and different process is Molding, others are the same as STD FCCSP.
So cost is almost equivalent.
Exposed die FCCSP has the following 2 properties:
• Better Thermal dissipation (~97% in theta JC) and Lower profile (>60um thinner) than normal FCCSP.
• Better chip protection than bare dies FCCSP during FT and SMT handling.
Real Case Thermal Simulation
ED-FCCSP is designed to provide the thinnest bonding line and best thermal impedance between the Flip Chip die backside and the attached heat sink. Thermal behavior is determined by the exact configuration of the overall structure and the distribution of power dissipation among the entire die. During the package design stage, we provide thermal simulation and data analysis as needed to help ensure proper thermal dissipation performance.
• PKG Type : FCCSP 15*15/416
• PKG Structure : Over Mold vs. Bare die vs. Exposed Die Over Mold
• Terminal : EMI shielding Case (2.5inch) w/ metal material
ED-FCCSP w/ EMI shielding case in system can enhance ~14.5%, but only cost up ~3.6%.
Sweet Spot of Exposed Die FC Package
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