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SiP Technology
SiP Definition
A System in Package (SiP) is a combination of one or more semiconductor devices plus optionally passive components that define a certain functional block within a quasi-package that is then, in turn, mounted onto the systems main board assembly.
The Package Structure of SiP module
    Stack Die
    SBS (Side by side)
    MCP (Multi-Chip Package)
    PoP (Package on Package)
    PiP (Package in Package)
Why SiP Module
Electronic devices have been integrating more functions. The design of a product is getting more complicated. The life cycle of a product is getting shorter. Time-to-market becomes the key factor of success. Modulized design in a product can help us to shorten the time to market.
Key advantages of applying SiP solution in a product design include:
• Small Form Factor
• Fast Time-to-Market (Simplify the Design)
• Better RF Performance (Easier RF Trace Routing)
• Pre-Tested and Pre-Qualified (Higher Production Efficiency & Yield)
• Easy Logistic Management
• Lower Equipment Investment
• Standardization for Different Model
Provide Total Solution to Customers
By integrating system design capability with advanced IC packaging technology, SPIL provides services, including D/W Bonding, Bumping, wafer sort, module design, assembly and testing, to satisfy customers requirement of One Stop Shop Solution.
The total solution has already been provided to many customers with various package structures including FC based, D/W bond, Stack structure, Antenna on module and EMI shielding solutions.
SiP Module Design Flows
A complete design flow for SiP module has been provided to meet customer requirement on Performance, Cost and Size.
A dedicated SiP Lab has been set up to support customers on SiP module design. The Lab includes EMI chamber, EMI scanner, re-work station for small components, high resolution microscope, RF schematic matching system and RF module function testers. All these equip us to support customers on high efficiency SiP module design with good performance.
A complete test solution is also considered for SiP module design. The production line provides not only high efficiency mass production test solution but also design verification test during customer product design stage.
The production line is also well arranged with CIM (Computing Integrating Manufacturing). The Shop Floor Control System provides good quality control and material, component and process traceability.
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